[VIDEO] Gorka Just Revealed Disturbing “Behind the Scenes” Details On How Deep State Worked Against Trump

As I see with what Trump faced, I admire how he got so far!

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We all know that numerous people worked against President Trump. Among those people was his admin. They were working against their leader from the very beginning.

Trump has probably never had a fair shake, but our President has still reached so far. How bad was that?

Seb Gorka was a high-ranking aide to Trump from the very beginning, and he shared some disturbing information about what the Deep State did to harm Trump. Also, he explained how they were attacking him from every angle.

According to Gorka, the Deep State was blocking national security!

Besides all these blood-thirsty enemies, Trump managed to reach the top!

He fought like a beast, playing very wisely! Precisely because of that, he was the best President America has ever had!

Maybe the evil Americans are glad that they took down Trump, but not for long!

Trump will be back!

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