[VIDEO] Frontier Airlines Crew And Passengers Duct Tape An Unruly Passenger To His Seat

That’s exactly what happened on that flight

I bet some people will avoid Frontier Airlines in the near future. One of the planes struggled high in the skies and passengers had hard time staying calm. Things got really messy and the situation was worse than expected.

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It was so horrible that one of the passengers had to be taped to the seat. Imagine that! We see things like this in movies. What happened on this flight?

This Week shared details of the flight from Philadelphia to Miami. According to their report, a young man groped two flight attendants and physically assaulted another attendant. Passengers had to wrap duct tape around the man to stop him from getting out of his seat.

This is one of the many incidents lately. It happened late Saturday night and it seems like Maxwell Berry was having the time of his life.

The 22-year-old was arrested early Sunday when the plane finally landed at Miami International Airport. Berry is now charged with three counts of battery as confirmed by NBC News.

The police reported that the young man had two alcoholic drinks on the plane. He ordered a third but spilled it on his shirt. Berry thought it would be great if he takes off his shirt and that’s exactly what he did. Attendants had to tell him to take a clean top out of his carry-on bag. So, the man started wandering around the plane and used the opportunity to grope two flight attendants. They asked their colleague to keep an eye on the rude man.

Berry got really aggressive and punched the third crew member. Passengers decided to get involved and helped one of the flight attendants to “tape [Berry] down to the seat and tie him with a seatbelt extender for the remaining flight.”

As if this wasn’t enough, Berry kept screaming that his parents are worth “$2 million dollars.” I bet they will spend a good portion of this money to get him a good lawyer.

These people did the right thing. They had to find a solution for the drunk jerk. People can’t just board a plane and harass others.

Crew members involved in the incident are put on paid leave. That’s what the company does every time something like this happens. They are also conducting an investigation.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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