[VIDEO] French Citizens Storm The Town Hall, Rip Down Macron’s Photo And Publicly Destroy It

People are angry

French President Emanuel Macron is trying to force everyone to get vaccine passports and people don’t like any of this. Citizens of France are livid and we have at least one good reason to believe that riots won’t stop here. France is on fire. People are fighting back.

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Does this look like a “French Revolution” to you?

This video says it all. It looks like a scene from King Louis’ nightmares.

First, a group of citizens stormed the town hall. They destroyed the portrait of President Macron. Yes, they stomped on it and rip it apart.

This is raw power. People are angry and frustrated. They can no longer tolerate Macron’s vaccine policy. Is it reasonable to say they feel betrayed? Reminds you of someone?

Watch this video and tell us what you think.

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Citizens won’t stop here. They need to be heard and this is the only way to get everyone’s attention.

It will get much worse than this…

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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