[VIDEO] France Chants ‘Resign Macron’ After He Passes Far-Reaching Vaccine Mandates

The Second French Revolution

It seems that not only the U.S. government pressures their population to get the coronavirus shot. France went on an entirely new level.

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The French parliament passed a law that asks for a vaccine passport in trains, planes, restaurants, and public events. Also, every single healthcare worker has to be vaccinated.

The most extreme restriction and measure until now!

However, a vast protesters squad has taken to the Paris streets, so the French parliament and Macron know that they will not bear injustice.

Below you can see a video where people chant ‘’resign Macron’’ in front of the Eiffel Tower.

The protestors are insane, and we can conclude this from the video below. And, one thing is for sure, they will not back down!

The full details on the law are chilling. The law will apply to people above the age of 12, and it will start in September.

The AP reported:

PARIS (AP) — France’s parliament approved a law early Monday requiring special virus passes for all restaurants and domestic travel and mandating vaccinations for all health workers.

Both measures have prompted protests and political tensions. President Emmanuel Macron and his government say they are needed to protect vulnerable populations and hospitals as infections rebound and to avoid new lockdowns.

The law requires all workers in the health care sector to start getting vaccinated by Sept. 15, or risk suspension. It also requires a “health pass” to enter all restaurants, trains, planes and some other public venues. It initially applies to all adults, but will apply to everyone 12 and older starting Sept. 30.

To get the pass, people must have proof they are fully vaccinated, recently tested negative or recently recovered from the virus. Paper or digital documents will be accepted. The law says a government decree will outline how to handle vaccination documents from other countries.

In my opinion, these things will be applicable in our country, and that will happen very soon!

I guess these actions are part of the Great Reset Plan, the New Normal.

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