[VIDEO] Folks In India Claim “Western Press” Is Lying About Their Recent COVID Outbreak

Well, the western press is exaggerating about COVID-19 stories, mainly when they write about India.

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Can you recall the first day of the pandemic outbreak? It was like the day D was coming very fast! And all the stories and videos coming out of China scared everyone. There we could see police in hazmat suits shooting people who tried to leave Wuhan, among other things.

The videos were debunked, and they added fuel to the COVID-19 fire, which was at its beginning. Later, precisely that fuel turned it into a worldwide bonfire.

Why no one noticed the videos to find their origins? Why no one tried to find the one who edited and created them, distributed them?

Nobody cares about that, right?  The videos were the first thing that spread fear among people and raised massive panic! However, they were fake, and yet, no one cares!

Now, we hear that India faces another massive coronavirus outbreak.

The mainstream media shares the precise mass grave stuff with us in the United States….
Remember that supposed mass grave that was being dug in NYC?

Now people from India say: STOP! WAIT!

Some of India’s population raised their voice and shared that it’s not so bad as the western press share. They are exaggerating!

You can hear what Candace Owens has to say about it.

The video is eye-opening and ALARMING!

If our media were serious, we might be interested in knowing the truth and facts. But, with progressive politics and propaganda, we will have to analyze the answers and then realize the truth.

On one undercover video, a CNN higher-up member shared that they want to spread COIVD fear for ratings. They didn’t mention it, but politics is involved for sure.

We cannot find truth and facts in their plan!

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