[VIDEO] Finally, Journalists Are Speaking Up And Calling Out Biden’s “Mental Decline”

The last appearance at CNN’s Town Hall increased the suspects of Biden’s mental health. Shockingly, many people started questioning Biden’s mental health and if he really struggles with dementia.

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In the Town Hall, Biden couldn’t form a simple and coherent sentence and couldn’t express his thoughts.

We can all see his behavior and what he is doing or talking, but the last appearance at the CNN Town Hall raised numerous questions, and the media questioned Biden’s mental health.

However, the mainstream media is still quiet.

Also, the conservatives are very quiet because it is a subject that many people don’t dare to touch! They can say that Trump’s Crazy, but they cannot say that Biden is sick!

Todd Starnes called out Biden as “an elderly man struggling to maintain his faculties.”

He said: “Are we all just going to ignore what we saw on CNN tonight – an elderly man struggling to maintain his faculties on national television?”

Newsmax did the same thing but went a little bit further. Below you can see the video.

The GOP is silent also. We have an old senile man who struggles with dementia and runs our country, but the Republicans don’t care for it!

Biden doesn’t even know what Cuba is, and the GOP is useless.

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