[VIDEO] Entire Concert Stadium Erupts In Bleacher-Rocking “F Joe Biden” Chant

Joe Biden is hit with a big dose of reality

Things won’t get any better than this. People will get even louder than this. We are hearing these F Joe Biden chants on a daily basis. Americans are fed up with this. We heard it at the Ryder Cup. It also happened in a food court at a mall in Staten Island.

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Country music rocker Arron Lewis has a bleacher-shaking version of the JB chant at one of his most recent concerts. This is epic!

Breitbart reported that Lewis led his audience to chant “fuck Joe Biden” in his concert in Pennsylvania.

Fans shared a lot of videos online showing the former Staind frontman lead the crowd in the JB chant to the rhythm of drumbeats at his concert at The Pavilion at Montage Mountain in Scranton a few days ago.

Lewis was wearing a shirt, “I could sh*t a better president.”

We saw him wearing “F**k Biden” and “Impeach Biden” shirts.

People like Lewis will reunite us all. We knew that Biden would be a failure but we didn’t even think that it would get this bad. The man should leave the White House and go to a nursing home before things get really bad for him.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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