[VIDEO] During Atlanta Speech, Biden Said One Line That Gave The Whole Game Away

This man should never ever leave his home

Our so-called President and Vice President made his way to Atlanta to deliver a speech. They talked about the “federal election” bill and looked like idiots.

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This bill would allow an avalanche of mail-in ballot in every election in this country. Oh yes, heaven on Earth, right? Democrats would love to see this work.

Believe it or not, it will get a lot worse than this. Biden exposed himself and his evil game. He literally told people that he and his DOJ will do whatever it takes to steal each and every election.

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the “banana republic” election.

Heritage Communication’s guy John Cooper said, “Passing H.R. 4 ‘would mean that the Justice Department can stop discriminatory laws before they go into effect.’ Biden just gave the game away — his DOJ thinks voter ID and other safeguards are discriminatory, would block states from passing those laws. ”

Check out the video here:

Here’s what people said online:

“Soon communist America”

“For the record, Biden and the Democrats don’t want you to show any proof of identification to vote at the same time they are advocating that people show proof of vaccination to eat and drink in restaurants or bars…”

“How is that even constitutional? They seem to think anything they say then corrupt politicians “pass” is law. Even the Supreme Court should be ignored when they ignore the constitution.”

“It is underestimated just how dangerous Biden is.”

“So the Executive Branch can just override the Legislative? How is this not tyranny?”

“I absolutely despise my government.”

This is just the beginning. Biden and his friends have terrible plans for our country. Let’s stop them before it’s too late.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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