[VIDEO] Dan Scavino Just Shared The Coolest “Unique View” Of Trump AZ Rally Crowd

I will never be too tired and miss watching Trump’s rallies and the crowds he attracts. Even though the liberals want to theorize that he has a fake crowd, I know it is a load of baloney.

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Dems are angry because of Trump’s rallies now. The crowd that Biden collects, which equals zero, is nothing compared to Trump’s crowd.

One liberal, Ron, on Twitter complained about Trump’s supporters’ post that emerged right after the rally.

“Once again, just like after every Trump rally, MAGA social media is filled with posts touting the crowd size with, “there’s no way he lost – compare this to Biden’s events.” They just can’t figure out that, during a pandemic, we aren’t going to assemble in crowds and costumes.”

However, immediately one Trump supporter replied to his comment and wrote: “Wrong again, Ron. You guys will put on your goofy costumes and gather en masse during a pandemic …But for some “unknown” reason, you won’t do it for the “most popular politician in the universe.” Weird”

When we are speaking about the rallies, Trump’s huge crowds are amazing, and below, you can see what Dan Scavino shared from the AZ Rally!

Simply amazing! I wish we could see this view every day and night!

Don’t tell me to believe that Biden is the most beloved president in U.S. history.

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