[VIDEO] Cop Picks Up And Carries An Obnoxious Bar Patron Like A Toddler And Sets Him Outside

The video that you would watch at least eight times.

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The man in the video is now hiding, embarrassed after this video. He was picked up by a cop like a sack of beans, and everything was caught on camera. The video went viral!

It is only a 12 seconds clip, you I guarantee you, you will watch it at least eight times. The gentlemen that the cop carried was acting like a baby!

The police officer was exhausted, so he thought the best thing he could do is to eliminate the man from the bar.

First, he lifted him like a 3-year-old boy, walked him over to the local exit, and plopped the guy down.

It is the best thing that you will see today.

Everyone will know this guy as the one who was kicked out like a sack of beans.

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