[VIDEO] Construction Workers Savagely Turn On Union Boss, Chant “You’re A Sell Out, F**k The Jab.”

You will see this once in a lifetime.

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One group of construction workers down under turned on their boss in front of him because he forced them to take the shot.

What a stunning event!

The Australian shared that the Union Boss John Setka wanted to quiet the crowd, but things didn’t turn out that way.

Riot police were activated and used rubber bullets at the protesters in a chaotic brawl that saw hundreds of people storming the CFMEU headquarters protesting against the vaccination mandate.

Some people ended up behind bars, and others had to be inside the building until the protesters smashed up and graffitied properly. Everything was thrown, bottles, cans, pallets, etc.

See the video below:

This is something that you will see once in a lifetime.

But someone is changing the narrative.

In the past, we heard that everyone was complying and enjoyed the mandates and lockdowns. However, it wasn’t the case.

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