[VIDEO] Conservative Mocks AOC So Savagely, That CNN Hosts Can’t Hold Back Laughter

AOC is a mocking subject, and she was a comedy material on CNN!

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It started with her trip to Florida, where she enjoyed her mandate-free life while the C-19 cases were skyrocketing.

Many noticed her hypocrisy, and the conservatives piled on very fast, and AOC bucked under pressure and lost it.

She experienced an online meltdown and accused Republicans who criticized her for jealousy because they couldn’t date her.

The entire thing was amusing, and they were rolling on the floor about that on CNN when Mary Katharine Ham did a hilarious mockery skit of AOC.

The Daily Wire reported that Mary Katharine Ham mocked Congresswoman AOC over her claim that republicans attacked her because they wanted to date her.

Ham with Brianna Keilar and John Berman discussed the viral tweets that show how Ocasio-Cortez spent New Year’s vacation maskless in Florida. Berman and Keilar introduced the segment by noting that, once the photos of her Florida trip made the rounds on several conservative outlets, she had lashed out at the critics, calling them creepy weirdos and claiming that sexual frustration had played a part in driving their hatred.

Take a look at the video below:

AOC deserves a good mocking!

She has a cool back story that she could have told the public, but she decided to be an immature idiot.

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