[VIDEO] Congressional Candidate Mike Collins Just Made The Greatest 4-Second Political Ad Of All Time

Joe Biden is a “truck driver”?

Of course not. The US President shocked everyone with his recent comments. He said that he used to drive an 18-wheeler semi-truck.

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Biden lied. He is a LIAR.

Biden has been in politics for so many decades. Why is he making fun of himself?

Where’s the proof?  A photo or a video… Maybe some documents to prove that he really drove an 18-wheeler.

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Was he trying to look like an average person? Maybe it was one of the guys who live inside his head.

Mike Collins is a trucking executive and House candidate for Georgia’s 10th district. His latest political ad will blow your mind. Decent Americans would say this is the best 4-second ad they have ever seen.

Mike is a pro when it comes to handling 18-wheelers. He would definitely love to see Joe behind the wheel. Maybe the President will find courage to talk about his adventures with an 18-wheeler.

Here’s what Mike said about Biden’s lie:

“I own a fleet of trucks that hauls millions of tons of freight a year, so go ahead and tell me how you used to drive an 18 wheeler, Joe.”

Watch the video:

He deserves a spot in history books! Wonder why? He taught Biden a lesson.

If you want to see more from Mike and his journey to Capitol Hill, check out his Twitter. Click here.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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