[VIDEO] Comic Bill Burr Goes On Anti-CNN Rant: “Treasonous UnAmerican Pieces Of Sh*t.”

The most epic anti-CNN rant!

Bill Burr doesn’t want the losers at CNN because, in his podcast, he criticized them with the fury and fire of 1000 suns.

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Burr is the last real comedian who didn’t want to go ‘’woke’’, and he didn’t hold anything back when he criticized CNN for their coverage of President Trump.

However, he emphasized that no one cares for the old, senile Biden who eats ice cream and naps during the whole day.

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Burr thinks that CNN wants Trump to be reelected to increase their ratings. From his monologue, we can conclude that he hates CNN and delivers the best roasting of the disgraced cable news channel.

The best comedy is based on the truth.

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