[VIDEO] Comedian Jeff Dunham Just Did A Hilarious “Biden Presser” Skit That Hits Waayyy Too Close to Home

Just like Joe Biden

Well, this can easily be a real press conference.

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Jeff Dunham knows how to push the limits of comedy through his hilarious routines. He put US President Joe Biden on the chopping block this time.

Dunham doesn’t mind going after Dementia Joe. He poked fun at him and his shortcomings. We are not even bothered with this one!

The comedian is an equal opportunity offender in every sense of the word.  He will make fun of people regardless of your political position. Biden attracted his attention long ago and Dunham found the perfect way to mock him.

It didn’t take long for fans to notice the resemblance between “Walter” and Joe Biden. Well, hardcore fans are not even disappointed. Nothing seems to be off-limits in Dunham’s latest video.

Truth is, Biden can’t remember simple information such as someone’s name. He likes to sniff others, mostly women and kids, and yes he looks dazed and confused all the time. Dunham covered all this in his “President Joe Biden Holds Press Conference.”

Biden gave Dunham enough material to work on. He misunderstands common questions and misquotes names and places. The comedian had zero trouble processing this. The mainstream media helped him a lot.

“How did you feel abroad?” a reporter asked in regards to Biden’s visit at the G7 Summit.

“I didn’t touch her,” he replied.

These softball questions are pretty close to reality. We keep seeing these things in real press conferences. Someone could easily mistake them for actual questions asked by the liberal media.

Puppet Biden doesn’t know who Harris is and even said, “let me know when she shows up again I’ll take a whiff.”

We can’t really make a difference between Biden’s confusion in real life, the coverage of his events, and Dunham’s role. He did it perfectly.

You may laugh or cry at this one, and really believe that you will have a lot of fun.

“I will go to Israel and meet Moses,” Dunham’s Biden tells the media. “Last I remember his bushes were on fire.”

Creepy old guy!

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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