[VIDEO] College Football Announcer Dips His Oreo Cookie In Something So Awful, Americans Erupt In Outrage

When Dukes Mayo sponsors the college bowl, then you know that something will go wrong.

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Bear in mind that we adore mayonnaise, but with the sandwiches, not on the cookies.

Bizpacreview reported that The Duke’s mayo Bowl saw the worst moment in college football history as the announcers emphasized a duo during a brief lull in the game.

Mike Golic Jr. coaxed with his colleague, Anish Shroff, to share a snack in the Thursday morning game between North and South Carolina.

“Well, in the spirit of this bowl game and in the spirit of my partner Mike Golic Jr,” Shroff said. “Mike, you came up with ideas of unconventional foods that work with mayonnaise.”

“Cream-filled cookies here,” Golic said.

Take a look at the video below.

America commented on this:

“That is absolutely disgusting that honestly makes me never wanna eat Oreos ever again”

“What the hell is wrong with these guys? They just ruined two of my favorite things.”

“Reported to the FBI for domestic terrorism” 

“I’m sure they were forced to say it was good…can’t upset the sponsors “

“Further proof that our society needs Jesus” 

“You know Anish has eaten some way more funkier Indian food in his day.”

“The ancient rivalry between Mayo and Miracle Whip just intensified yet again.”

“They’re taking the mayo stuff too far”

“Thank God a horse manure company didn’t sponsor this game” 

“Duke’s is the nastiest Mayo I’ve ever had. There’s no way this combo is good.”

“That probably tasted disgusting they just didn’t wanna spit it out on live tv”

“Dukes needs to be stopped, this shit is getting out of hand.”

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