[VIDEO] Coast Guard Crowd Just Snubbed Joe Biden

What happened to Biden shouldn’t happen to a person who got 82 million votes. He isn’t popular.

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Biden illegally has won 82 million votes and become the U.S. President. Like that wasn’t enough, he was declared to be the most beloved President in the history of America. Yeah, right, you could have classified him as the most disliked politician ever, globally!

No one watches his online speeches, and what he calls ‘’car rallies’’ barely have some visitors. The saddest part is when he attempts to tell a military joke, no one laughs!

However, he’s the most historic presidential winner EVER!

No one believes in that! The fraud will be uncovered!

This time even Biden was embarrassed. I mean… how he wouldn’t be. He plagiarized the joke Ronald Reagan told the Coast Gaud, expecting the same sweet response…

Here we can see how unpopular Biden is! Joe Biden was humiliated, so he named the Coast Guard dull.

No, Mr. President, not dull, they don’t like you, that’s all! It’s so simple!

Take a look at the video below and spot the difference. First, Regan tells the joke. Please note the response. Then, Biden tells the same sentence. Can you see the difference?

I believe that Biden knows that people don’t like him, but he doesn’t want to confess that.

What the Dems care about is POWER, and as long as they have it, it doesn’t matter if you laugh at their jokes or not. No one cares if we like Biden or not, as long as the Dems have the power.

That’s how they function!

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