[VIDEO] CO Cops Abuse Elderly Woman With Dementia During Arrest, Laugh/Joke About Injuring Her

They are sick

Words can’t describe this mess. This made me sick. How far are some people willing to go to hurt others? It’s sad how some would hurt others just for fun. These two videos show the real side of the story.

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Loveland Colorado police is facing serious backlash after the release of these videos. These videos show what really happened during the arrest of a 73-year-old woman. The poor lady has dementia.

Just look at her. She is so thin and confused… The police tried to arrest her and somehow dislocated her shoulder. Why do they keep doing this? Applying this much force is never good. She is a living human being. I guess Antifa and Black Lives Matter deserve more respect than old people.

The woman was arrested for stealing $13 worth groceries at Walmart.

It doesn’t end here. This is wrong in so many levels.

So, the police took the woman to the station and threw her in a cell. She was cuffed to the bench and they sat around like monkeys. They were rewatching the bodycam footage and laughed at the way her shoulder popped.

They laughed and watched the video over and over again while this lady was crying in her cell. She got medical help after 6 hours.

What an arrest, right? They even fist-bumped to celebrate the “good job.” Idiots.

Someone should put these monkeys in a cell and bring them in court. Yes, they do have the right to defend themselves and we support that. But, they should also bear the consequences of their actions. This woman suffered and someone has to take responsibility. The woman was crying and crying and someone made fun of her. We are sharing this world with a bunch of idiots who disrespect others. Hopefully, courts won’t stay blind to this one.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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