[VIDEO] CNN Is All Smiles As They Stick A Dagger In Biden’s Back

They are turning their backs on him

Democrats helped Joe Biden become a President to grab more power. He is their puppet. Well, the far-left is not even worried about the economy. Things went down the hill at the very same moment Biden became our President.

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Donald Trump had everything under control, and Biden destroyed it all. He made a few terrible moves to destroy the economy. Yes, Dementia Joe struggles to stay afloat. His horrible decisions made everything worse.

Biden eliminated the Keystone XL Pipeline, destroying our hopes for independence in terms of economy.

Gas prices went up and the situation got worse overnight,

The situation won’t improve unless Donald Trump return to the White House. Americans are really upset and worried about their future.

CNN knows all this and hosts stabbed Biden in the back. Again. Their latest story puts Biden in a really uncomfortable situation. The timing is just right!

CNN supports Kamala Harris. They don’t like Biden and his horrible policies. They act as if Harris was our President.

Media outlets tried to throw cold water on high gas prices. What’s next on the list?

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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