[VIDEO] Clever Trump Supporter “Fixed” Psaki’s Clip About Kickboxing And Margaritas And Now, You’ll Love It

Jen Psaki was asking for it…

This woman was literally saying that people should take “kickboxing” class and drink a “margarita.” Is this her solution to the current problem in our country?

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I guess “frustrated” Americans are here to give her a lesson.

Americans are “frustrated” because they can’t buy food or pay their bills. Parents can’t find diapers for their babies. Why would they take kickboxing classes? Drinking margarita on an empty stomach? Millions of people lost their job, Psaki.

Most Americans can’t even afford a decent meal for their families.

People like Psaki destroy the last drop of hope in our body. Psaki and other elitists don’t even worry about our problems. Our bills are none of their business. The same goes to inflation.

Psaki’s comments made people really angry. One Trump supporter created a funny video to make our day!

Donald Trump helped us learn how to see the good in every bad. He wanted us to be optimists. Well, we really want him to come back before it’s too late. We are tired of Joe Biden and the rest of his crew.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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