[VIDEO] Chuck Schumer Faces Massive Backlash For “Dancing” While Americans Are Stranded In Afghanistan

Dance the pain away!

Joe Biden made a fatal mistake in Afghanistan and millions of people are still crying for help. Afghans are left all alone and many of them have been assaulted by the Taliban. Guess what… Chuck Schumer doesn’t seem to be bothered with this.

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We’d all agree that Schumer is the most uncoordinated person on the planet.

This man is all about having fun these days. He ignores the situation in Afghanistan just like Kamala Harris ignores the uncontrolled surge of migrants at the border.

Enter TDS madman Stephen Colbert. This man is losing in the ratings to Greg Gutfield.

So, Schumer and Gutfield showed off their dance moves. I bet they forgot about the 15 thousand Americans who are held hostage in Afghanistan.

Schumer faces serious backlash now. People trash him for “celebrating” the horror in Afghanistan.

Remember when people from the Middle East danced in the streets following the 9/11 attack?

I guess Chuck and Stephen “returned the favor.” But, they can do better than that…

Here’s what people wrote online:

“15 thousand Americans are being held hostage in a hell-hole right now, probably wondering if they’ll live through this nightmare, and these uncoordinated f*cks are dancing”

“Someone should put side by side, taliban whipping ppl while these clowns dance around”

“It’s disgusting”

Their focus on the American people is amazing” 

“Party on Chuck, while Americans are dying in Afghanistan” 

“Life is good for our blue elite while 1000s of Americans are stranded behind enemy lines.”

“As Afghanistan burns down, Chuck Schumer is in a dance contest with Colbert.”

“This makes me sick to see” 

I don’t understand how the entire American government is not working 24/7 to save those Americans out of #Afghanistan. What am I missing?”

“Nothing like having a party while 1000’s of Americans are afraid for their life.pretty much what I expect from our government though..they do not care about anyone.”

“Democrats celebrating Americas defeat”

“Really torn up about the Americans left in Afghanistan.”

“Was this today, while we still have Americans behind enemy lines?????”

Elitists criticized unarmed Trump supporters at the Capitol. They hold committees and blasted the former President. They didn’t say a word about the Americans who are still stuck in the war-torn Islamic Nation.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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