[VIDEO] Chis Wallace Won’t Stop Throwing Joe Biden Under The Bus…And He Keeps Backing Over Him, Too…

Chris Wallace on a seek and destroy mission against Biden.

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Chris Wallace switched from carrying Biden like a sack of potatoes across the debate finish line to kicking the cane out from under him and pushed him in a bus and backed over him a few times for good measure.

It is happening!

If Chris got the Fox News memo that said “stop defending Joe, it’s killing ratings,” or Obama announced “we need the swap to happen soon, start trashing Joe,”

Wallace isn’t limiting the scathing attacks against Biden only to his show, but he is going on other people’s shows to blast the Biden admin.

He went on Guy Benson’s podcast and stuffed Blinken into political wood chipper face-first.

Hear the podcast clip:

Our media is a lying hack.

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