[VIDEO] Brits Come To Blows Over Gas Shortages After Unvax Truckers Walk Off The Job And Create Nationwide Shortage

With Joe by our side, this is the future of America!

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If you thought that here in the US was bad, look at what is happening in the UK. The country struggles with strict vaccine mandates and experiences a massive fuel shortage because of the truck drivers that have to be vaccinated.

The panic is accurate, and people are fighting for the gas shortage.

Watch this video below:

The situation in the UK is going to escalate regarding the crisis that they are facing. The vaccine mandates they impact different aspects of the economy! Store shelves haven’t been barer. Another issue is the electricity.

CNBC reported:

LONDON — Britain has been plunged into uncertainty as issues over gasoline, electricity and food have prompted warnings of “a really difficult winter” for the country.

A significant lack of truck drivers has meant deliveries of fuel and goods have fallen short.

In a bid to incentivize people to take the job, some employers have reportedlyoffered salaries as high as £70,000 ($95,750) a year, with joining bonuses of £2,000.

Speaking to ITV News on Thursday, Paul Scully, the U.K.’s minister for small businesses, warned that “this is going to be a really difficult winter for people.”

“We know this is going to be a challenge and that’s why we don’t underestimate the situation that we all find ourselves in,” he said. However, Scully told Times Radio on Friday that there was “no need for people to go out and panic buy.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman said earlier this week that there was no shortage of fuel in the U.K., and people should continue to buy gas as normal. He also described the U.K.’s food supply chain as “highly resilient,” but acknowledged some businesses in the industry were facing challenges and said the government was having meetings with representatives from the sector.

An absolute disaster, and with Biden’s regime, this is our destiny!

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