VIDEO: “Booms” Going Off In D.C.

Richard Citizen Journalist is at it again!

This man is doing an incredible job and Americans are fascinated with his devotion and knowledge.

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Unfortunately, several reports suggested that he was arrested a few weeks ago. The man is here and he is doing what he knows best. It’s time for a fresh update on the capital!

Richard Citizen Journalist came up with a big one now. He claims he hears “booms” going off in the big city. Yes, he also has evidence. His camera caught everything. You can really hear a “boom!”

As you can notice, the video was taken during the day, so we have a few strong reasons to believe these weren’t fireworks. They are too controlled to be gunshots…

So, what’s Joe Biden up to at the moment? Destroying underground tunnels?

We don’t know what happened out there, but we are definitely hearing an awkward noise.

You can watch the video on Rumble.

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Source: WeLoveTrump

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