[VIDEO] Big Plot Twist: George Floyd’s Drug Dealer Just Dropped Jaws In Court

The George Floyd trial got heated

It was a big day. A police trainer said he didn’t think Chauvn’s restraint of Floyd was a “neck restraint.”

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Here’s what a BBC reporter tweeted out: “#ChauvinTrial Sgt Mercil asked if he can see the placement of Chauvin’s head? Yes. Another photo 1046, you can see Mr Chauvin’s knee between the shoulder blade of Mr Floyd? Yes Sir. Does this appear to be a neck restraint? No Sir”

Here’s the best part.

The “drug dealer” who was in Floyd’s car refused to testify, pleading the 5th.

“BIG TWIST: Moories Hall’s attorney says his testimony could expose him to a 3rd degree murder charge (drug delivery resulting in death). If the State’s legal theory is positional asphyxiation, why object to the defense calling Hall as a witness?”

“ALSO IMPORTANT: Notice how the State is not offering Moories Hall immunity from prosecution. Seems to me the State wants to leave open the possibility of being able to charge him in the future. ”

Was Chauvin overcharged?

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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