[VIDEO] Big Plot Twist: George Floyd’s Drug Dealer Just Dropped Jaws in Court

The Floyd case won’t end like the ‘’mob’’ planned.

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The entire George Floyd trial becomes exciting as we have new information every day.
Numerous things occurred today.

One thing is that one police trainer testified that he didn’t believe Derek Chauvin’s restraints of George Floyd was a ‘’neck restraint.’’

One BBC reporter tweeted: “#ChauvinTrial Sgt Mercil asked if he can see the placement of Chauvin’s head? Yes. Another photo, 1046, you can see Mr. Chauvin’s knee between the shoulder blade of Mr. Floyd? Yes Sir. Does this appear to be a neck restraint? No Sir”

From the statements, we can conclude that in this case, we have a shoulder restraint, not a neck restraint, as everyone claims.

If this turns out to be accurate, we have to start questioning the ‘’cause of death.’’

Precisely this information brought us to the breaking news of the day. The biggest bombshell came due to the testimony of the person who was in Floyd’s car. According to George’s girlfriend, that person was his drug dealer. He pleaded the fifth due to his concern that he would be charged in Floyd’s murder.

Court TV reporter Julie Grant shared a series of tweets.

In the following tweet, she makes a fascinating point.

Besides, below you can see the statement of the dealer’s lawyer explaining why her client won’t testify. Watch the video below.

We examined what people think regarding Chauvin’s sentence, and many believe he was overcharged.

But, if the book and the bookcase aren’t thrown at him, massive rioting would happen. Something that we haven’t seen so far will happen.

If you don’t believe me, see below.

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