[VIDEO] Biden’s Worst Speech Ever!!! ’’America Will Be The First In The Country!’’

In every public speech, Biden is only worse!

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If we think better, the President has never been brilliant in his speeches! He is always confused, speaking nonsense, but his errors dominated badly this time!

Below you can see the worst speech of all!!!
At a certain point, he’s saying: ‘’what am I doing here?’’
Well, Mr. President, we are asking you the same question!

Besides this unforgivable error, Biden worsened the situation with the next one.

After he realized what he did, he was totally stoned!
‘’America will be the first in the country!’’

Which country does America belong to, Mr. President?

We thought that the USA was a country!

After these mistakes, many people criticized him on Twitter. Some of the comments there were:

  • “WHAT AM I DOING HERE?’ Good question – – many Americans are asking the same damn thing. 🤔
  • It’s not sad. And it’s definitely not surprising. This is exactly what everybody saw but refused to see.
  • But but he has a stutter…..

If you ask a Democrat, they will blame his ‘’stutter.’’

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