[VIDEO] Biden’s “White House Set” Just Got A Helluva Lot Weirder Biden is lying again!

This time it’s about the gas prices, and he’s attempting to blame Putin for it!

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Americans don’t believe in his words!

They are aware that Joe canceled Trump’s energy policy and approved Putin’s. Biden delivered his remarks from his fake WH set, and we already know that everything is fake when we mention Biden.

I think that we know why he uses the weird studio to deliver speeches.

Watch this video below:

The biggest teleprompter we’ve ever seen.

These are the people’s comments.

“Teleprompter Joe. Give me about two minutes with that teleprompter and he’ll be reading the lyrics to “I Got The Six” by ZZ Top. And he WILL read it. He’d read your grocery list if it scrolled down that screen. He doesn’t know any better.”

“Where is the Wizard of Oz?”

“He can’t even read the GIGANTIC prompters”

“Counterfeit President… Counterfeit White House… Counterfeit thoughts…”

“Is this “dictator” who is “declaring war” a reference to … himself? (But it really is fascinating to see how badly they want a war to happen. Thankfully the American populace isn’t buying their endless wars any more.)”

“Gas is approximately $2.40 per gallon in Moscow. Biden sold out his country and every family in it for millions. True.”

“Why don’t they just get this fool a drive-in screen to read off.”

“that teleprompter is so big you can see it from space” 

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