[VIDEO] Biden’s “Summit For Democracy” Looks And Sounds Like A Bad SNL Skit

Biden had a couple of bad days.

The poll numbers are in free fall, and the vaccine mandate was blocked in 50 states. His attempt to beat the C-19 virus can’t come true! The numbers say that there will be more deaths in 2021 than in 2020 when we didn’t even have vaccines.

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The thing is that Biden is the best at failing. And he continues to do that!

This Thursday, Biden went to Missouri to discuss the infrastructure bill. But, precisely that day, it turned out to be the bad-mental-health day. Biden was slurring, slow-talking, confused, etc.

The media has to ask Jill about her husband’s mental health, but you can’t hide what’s obvious. The polls share that Americans don’t believe Biden is fit to do his job,

Today we had one example.

Biden’s Summit for Democracy was like a bad SNL skit. The Handlers played loud music when Biden had to leave.

Once the music starter, he left his notes. The reporter asked him a question, and Biden struggled to answer the question over the zany loud music.

Take a look at the video below:

It isn’t important what people tell you; Biden’s behavior isn’t normal!

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