[VIDEO] Biden’s Staffers Are The Funniest! Bizarre Video Emerges Of Staffer Preparing Biden’s Podium!

Doesn’t this remind you of a “Three Stooges” episode? The only thing that is missing is the zany circus song in the background.

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If we have to look for a piece of music about Biden’s presidency, I will pick the circus music and the “Benny Hill” theme song.

His presidency show is bizarre, which is the less harsh word that I can think of at the moment.
It is like we are in the 80s, and Biden plays the leading role in a film, an older adult who unintentionally became the President. Also, he shows us all the things and zany stuff that are happening to him.

Once I got the point, you can see the staffer’s video preparing Biden’s stage. It is hilarious.
Once I saw the video, I knew that it would go viral.

The entire situation is weird.

He is so concentrated on cleaning the desk and the stage for Biden. We see on the staffer as he just smoked cack with Hunter.

Simultaneously, Kamala Harris is standing on the side, observing all things like a nurse, and seeing if something goes wrong to save the situation. Perhaps, if we ask Kamala’s opinion for Biden, she will say he’s the King.

See the video below.

This video motivated too many Twitter accounts to share their opinion. Below you can read some of the comments.

Seriously, someone needs to make a 80’s parody style movie about this”

“Oh I can see , I can see clearly , WE ARE F***ED!!!”

“In which country is that???”

“What in the hell?”

“This is like a scene from a low budget comedy”

“”Allegedly”, this is what 80 million mail in ballots voted for”

“This scene of viral theatre really demonstrates the cult like sacramental reverence they have for the mask. Gross.”

“Commander in Chief, my ass”

“Seriously can’t be real ?”

“This can’t be real, can it?”

“I was looking for some good comedy movie and I finally found it!”

The entire situation is peculiar. Everything is forced and staged. The staffer movement is so mechanical, and Kamala’s introduction is so artificial. Maybe this happened because everything was staged?

We don’t know. But one thing is for sure – Something is going on!

The time will show what the point in all this robot-work is.

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