[VIDEO] Biden’s Latest “Freudian Slip” Shows Trump Lives “Rent-Free” In His Head

He knows Donald Trump is our President

Joe Biden was hit with a big dose of reality and he will never forget that day.

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On Wednesday, Biden boarded Air Force One and made his way to Pennsylvania. It’s time to go home!

How was it? Did Biden have a lot of fun hanging out with people in his hometown?

Absolutely! Dementia Joe was greeted by a group of MAGA supporters. The best “Welcome Party” ever!

Watch this video:

During his visit of his hometown, Biden held a speech and reminded everyone about his adventure with “an 18-wheeler” truck. Yes, Biden claims he drove it! We are not biting into this one. Biden was never a “truck driver.” He is just making things up to attract everyone’s attention. Well, the only thing we can see is a dementia patient who struggles to make a simple sentence.

Maybe Biden tried to show us that he is an average person who does average things. Maybe he forgot who he was and shared someone else’s story.

We are confused.

Biden did succeed in doing one simple thing. He showed us that Trump is on his mind.

While sharing a story about something Barack Obama told him in 2009, Biden said “former President Trump” instead of Obama.

Well, Biden can’t stop talking about Trump.

Biden can no longer hide his mental issues. There’s so much going on inside his head.

Watch this video here and tell us what you think:

Maybe Trump will help Biden remember all the great things he did in the past four years.

Biden needs to be transported to a nursing home before it’s too late.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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