[VIDEO] Biden’s Jaw Appears To “Dislocate” While He Struggles To Get His Words Out During Missouri Event

You have to watch the videos that we are going to show you. Biden talked to Putin yesterday, and people were horrified.

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People realized that the Biden administration wouldn’t allow the people to see what happened at the meeting.

Biden visited Kansas City, Missouri this Wednesday, to deliver the remarks regarding his infrastructure bill and how it affected Missouri.

The biggest problem is that Biden can’t save his own life.

In the first video, Biden speaks about a man who is a county executive in Jackson Country. Later he lost his thought, and Biden gave up trying to say what he was reading off the teleprompter.

Joe Biden sounded sleepy and drugged. He was speaking slowly, and no one could understand what he said.

If that wasn’t bad enough, everything was worse when Biden tried discussing gas prices that he claims are going down.

Something happened to Biden’s jaw, and it looks like it goes completely unhinged…

Check this out:

Everyone knows that Biden struggles with some kind of mental disease, like Dementia or Alzheimer’s, and can’t function properly.

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