[VIDEO] Biden’s 4-Word Response To Reporter’s Question About His “Cognitive Health” Says EVERYTHING

In yesterday’s disastrous presser, a reporter attended the press and asked Biden about the questionable mental health.

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Ex-Fox News reporter James Rosen, working for Newsmax, told Biden about the Politico poll showing that 49% of Americans don’t think he is mentally fit to be the President.

That number is low to me, but it will grow as time passes.

Rosen told him about the poll, and Biden tried to laugh it off!

James got into the figures and explained the poll; the smile vanished. Later, James asked Biden why he thinks that the American population feels that way, and Biden response was:

“I have no idea….”

Take a look at the video below:

What does this tell us?

Well, Biden is unaware that he’s cognitively challenged! But, if he’s aware, he’s cunning enough to pretend not to know.

However, he is sheltered and isolated from what the Americans think and feel.

It’s Biden’s brain that makes Americans anxious! His inability to speak, his inability to remember different names and dates, and his confusion make people panic.

Biden’s blunders aren’t funny; they are terrible, worrisome, dangerous missteps, etc.

That’s the root of what is wrong with this presidency!

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