VIDEO: Biden Struggles So Hard While Reading Simple Numbers, Dr. Fauci Has To Step In And Help Him

Joe Biden is nothing but a fool and everyone knows it

Handlers should definitely keep Joe Biden away from cameras. This man makes a joke every time he makes a public appearance. Badly constructed sentences, lies, fake news… Biden has it all! The mainstream media is just trying to make him look like a hero. His ratings are super low, remember?

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American people will never ever trust Biden. They’d never trust a confused man with dementia. We’d all agree that Biden belongs to a nursing home.

Biden had a chance to do something great for his country. He was really supposed to help us cope with the pandemic. Sadly, he didn’t do anything about it. Moreover, he made things a lot worse.

Biden is responsible for the deaths of many people.

What’s Biden up to at the moment? Fraudci says we need a booster. He threatens us with “lockdowns” and “mask mandates.” Omicron is here and Biden seems to be ignoring the situation.

We will never trust their propaganda.

It’s interesting to note that Biden is unable to talk about the pandemic without the help of his buddy.

So, Biden talked about the people who had received the jab. Oh wait, he wasn’t able to talk at all.

Fraudci had to help Biden.

Check out this video:

Is this our great President?

We deserve better than this.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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