[VIDEO] Biden Says He’ll Speak “Simpler” For “Unfocused” Americans Who Don’t Approve Of His Handling Of Inflation

Joe Biden isn’t an intelligent person. He has been a joke, and people constantly laugh at him.

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However, one thing he did was – make a lot of connections. Biden was the brash, braggart who said the wrong things and embarrassed himself, but now he knows a lot of people and maintains the ties that kept him into the WH as Obama’s Vice President.

There is a serious reason why Biden seriously thinks that Hunter is the ‘’smartest person he knows.’’

But, now, we all can see that Biden isn’t mentally stable, and he’s dumb. He can’t hide behind the fake ‘’childhood stutter’’.

There is nothing good in an old, dumb, senile person who has a lot of power and makes the lives of the Americans miserable.

Buck Sexton tweeted: “Sometimes you have to block out all the noise and chaos in the news cycle, and remember that Joe Biden just isn’t a smart man.”

The worst and dumbest thing you can ever hear is Biden’s reasoning for inflation, and the policies are working!


The President of the US has a 33% approval, and the Americans don’t like him and his policies, but he stands with his frail, concave chest puffed out, without taking responsibility, and states that his policies are successful.


ABC News/ WAPO poll stated that 5/1, 68% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of inflation.

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