[VIDEO] Biden Made The Taliban “Great Again”: They’re Now Marching In A “Parade” With Our Weapons

Biden celebrated the Taliban again, and they had a parade to show their power!

They were dressed up in their best white dresses and filled the streets to parade and show their power and weapon obtained by Biden as a parting gift.

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Joe Biden left the Americans on their own in the middle of hell in Afghanistan, but he also left billions of dollars in military weapons and equipment. Now, the Taliban own the weapon.

Please take a look at what we have left behind.

I think Biden must be impeached for this.

We are, in fact, arming our enemies with our machines and weapons. We, the people, paid for that.
The Taliban Special Forces are having a parade to show off the weapon they confiscated from the US.

Watch the videos below:

Biden made the Taliban Great Again! But, here in the US, they want to take our guns from us!

We have to remove Biden from office. Otherwise, we are going to lose our country!

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