[VIDEO] Biden Just Made One Of His MOST Embarrassing Blunders Yet

Joe Biden is a failure

His presidency is fake. Everything he did is fake. His ratings are low and people will never ever trust him again. A small group of people made a mistake last year and supported Biden’s presidential campaign. He didn’t get millions of votes. We all know that Biden’s presidency would be a failure. He can’t even make a simple sentence!

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Biden has made so many mistakes this past year. The man doesn’t even know if he is alive anymore. Biden said he was supporting the free world, but gave us the worst nightmare in our lives. A man with dementia is leading the United States of America. Can you believe it?

Yes, some people feel sorry for Biden. Maybe he is just too old to run this country. However, his arrogance makes us feel uncomfortable around him. This man promised to destroy our country.

Our so-called President made the worst blunder in his presidency.

During his speech, Biden read the words other people wrote for him. He even said, “end of quote.”

In other words, this country is led by a president who reads the instructions off the teleprompter as if they are part of the speech.

Nancy Pelosi and her crew must be proud of this. Biden is such a nice guy, right Nancy? Millions of people wouldn’t agree on this one. Biden destroyed the future of so many people. He is not the right person to lead the US. Maybe his wife will switch his focus to something else. A nursing home maybe? That would be the most suitable solution for this “problem”. Biden should definitely leave the White House and let the right people do the job. He is no good and everyone knows it, including his family.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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