[VIDEO] Biden Is Feeling The Heat: Watch Him Lose It With A Reporter, Turn His Back, And Walk Off

Joe Biden should go to a nursing home…

Our “great” President knows where to find the emergency exit when things get rough. He hates when reporters ask “silly” questions. He hates when reporters want to know the truth. Well, this old man is hiding something and he doesn’t want people to go after him.

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We got used to watching his back. He always turns his back when reporters ask too much. His handlers try to silence everyone around him.

Why did he even bother to steal the elections? Biden can’t lead this country. He doesn’t like questions, pressers… He is more comfortable playing games. We all know that Biden only answers questions selected by his handlers. Need to ask a question? Make sure his handlers approve it.

Enter Peter Doocy from Fox News. Biden had the worst day in his life.

Our beloved President is determined not to let this happen ever again. A reporter asked him a question about Kabul and Afghanistan, and Biden lost his mind. He was not in the mood.

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Well, Afghanistan is the most important topic at the moment. Why is he acting like this? People need answers. Their loved ones died in Kabul. So, yes, this was pretty horrible.

Maybe Biden was in the mood to talk about his desire to sniff little kids.

He always says he is not supposed to take any questions. Is he a puppet?

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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