[VIDEO] Biden Does The Unthinkable During Tense Exchange With Fox News’ Peter Doocy At “Kabul Bombing” Presser

Get this old creep out of here

Joe Biden had yet another lame presser, and we are disappointed. This man knows how to step on our nerve and we believe that the worst is yet to come. Americans will never trust a lame President who can’t even make a sentence. This man needs assistance to walk around.

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Americans are fed up with this sleepy old guy who gives us chills.

Here is part of the speech. Let’s not forget that this man is a real supporter of the US President.

Watch his speech:


We don’t need someone who crumbles. In an exchange with Peter Doocy from Fox News, Biden “crumbled” onto the microphone. Just look at him. A defeated old man.

The President went off script and called on the host. I guess he regrets this move.

We can’t even listen to this nonsense.


Biden even dares to say that some Americans want to stay in Afghanistan. Is he using something?

This so-called President is playing games with us. He wants us to believe that he is sorry for all those people.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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