[VIDEO] Biden Desperately Tries To Regain Control After Being Savagely Heckled At McAuliffe Rally

Biden presidency is torture!

He cannot pass one day without humiliating himself.

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The last time was at McAuliffe’s rally on Friday. Protesters loudly heckled Biden, and it was really LOUD.

First, he wanted to take control and encouraged the protesters to shout, using the words: This is not a Trump rally.’’

No one knows what that meant.

However, we all know that there are at least 30 000 more people at a Trump rally!

Take a look at the video below:

According to Fox News, all in all, 500 people attended the Biden rally. Thus half of the venue was empty.

More humiliating was the YouTube video. He got only 500 views. Everything happened after CNN’s Town Hall event, and he spoke to a half-full room. There he faced his worst dementia moment!

Is this characteristic for the most popular and beloved President in U.S history?

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