[VIDEO] Biden Battles With Teleprompter And Loses Badly While Now Claiming The Vaccinated “Can’t Spread COVID.”

Biden attempted to read from the teleprompter, but he simply couldn’t do that! He spread more fake news!
Biden is the worst salesperson, and the sale of vaccines proves that. It’s a disaster!

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You have this old senile guy trying to share advice about healthcare, while the Americans are saying: “This guy should be in a Dementia ward.”

It isn’t only Biden’s sick brain that shares fake news about the vaccine. He shares fake news for everything! At the moment he opens his mouth, he’s lying.

Can you think of the moment when he appeared at CNN and said that people wouldn’t catch C-19 if they got the vaccine?

He shared much fake news, and many people quickly got the vaccine and then regretted it.

Now, Biden is back at the TV, spreading fake news more dangerous than the vaccine.

He embarrassed himself when he wanted to read from the teleprompter, and he was stammering and sputtering!

We aren’t scientists here, but what he said doesn’t have sense.

Below you can see what the fact-check from Clay Travis and Buck Sexton reported:

CLAY: That’s a lie. It’s a straight-up lie that he said, “If you need health care, you should have a certainty that the people who are serving you are not going to spread covid to you.” That’s a lie. Vaccination doesn’t stop that from happening. Buck, I asked Twitter — won’t surprise you — “Hey, are you gonna label this misinformation? Are you gonna label this falsehood?” as they do so regularly. They didn’t do anything.

BUCK: Of course. But it also goes to a foundational lie of the entire Democrat covid response and the apparatus that has been implementing it now for eighteen months, and that is that they can create any specific of this that is risk-free, where they can take away any possibility of you getting sick and dying from covid. That’s never going to happen.

They have created completely unrealistic expectations. The vaccines created unrealistic expectations for people. They should have known. They did not know, or they lied to us. Those are the only options. But they should have known that these vaccines were gonna be far less durable — and let’s be honest, less effective. They keep saying, “Oh, they’re super-high effectiveness.” For a few months.

Clay tweeted: “Joe Biden falsely says covid vaccinated people can’t spread the virus. That’s a lie. Also, he can’t even read off a teleprompter. This just keeps getting more embarrassing. Let’s go, Brandon!”

Watch the video below:

Where is Dr. Fauci? Where are the fact-checkers?

If we shared something suspicious, they would have fact-checked us for weeks! Where are you now? We are talking about Americans’ health?

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