[VIDEO] Bannon’s War Rom Reveals How “The Walls” Really Are Closing In On Fauci

Show him the way out

Joe Biden should definitely get rid of Dr. Fauci. The so-called expert plants fear in millions of people. Sadly, some of these guys tryst him. Fauci knows how to make the worst comment at the right time. Now he says we will deal with a worse virus in the near future. Yes, he can predict the future.

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Fraudci may be in a big trouble now. People don’t trust him. Decent Americans don’t trust him. No one takes him seriously. Fraudci is going back and forth all the time. The man is not an expert!

Steve Bannon roasted the so-called doctor and we love it.

Fraudci has zero credibility at the moment. Remember when he walked back some of his claims on the pandemic? Polls confirm that Americans don’t trust him anymore.

From New York Post:

But while trust in the actual jabs has improved, trust in Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases who has led the response to the pandemic, has declined — although it remains high.

Sixty-eight percent of Americans said they are “confident” in the advice given by Fauci — down from the 71 percent who said so in April, but on par with the 68 percent of respondents in August 2020.

Instead, Americans place the most confidence, according to the poll, in their primary health care provider — at 83 percent.

Why are you still listening to him? It’s time to ignore the fake doctor.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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