[VIDEO] Bannon Latest Bomb Reveals How Dots Between AZ And MI Are Now “Connected”

Connect the dots…

The far-left is trying to shut down the audit in Arizona. However, Americans have noticed something awkward. The current results are making headlines and people keep talking about the stolen elections.

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Steve Bannon has something great to say about this. He hosted a segment on the show and discussed the audit. Constitutional lawyer Matt Deperno mentioned the “problem” they found in Arizona and the potential link to the inconsistency in the Michigan voting results.

It’s time to connect the dots!

This can’t be a coincidence…

We all know that something shocking happened in November, 2020. The audit will expose Democrats for everything they did during the elections.

We all know that liberals won’t accept the results from the Arizona audit. This audit is legitimate, you know…

They are now trying to stay that some women were sexually harassed during the audit. A bunch of freaks!

They can’t just turn this audit into another #MeToo scandal…

From The Daily Mail

Multiple women claimed a man who worked in the Republican-backed Arizonaelection audit made unwanted sexual advances towards them.

The aggressive and angry outbursts, one woman told Arizona’s Family Investigates, ‘seemed to stem from some type of anger over women having authority over him.’

Another woman told the Arizona TV news station, ‘Any time he would come across someone he considered attractive or a woman, he would harass them, things like trying to demand dates, things like making sexual comments.’

She said the comments turned into unwanted touching and other physical advances but didn’t go into detail about how far the physical contact went.

They can’t be serious about this…

This fake story only shows the true horror that thrives among Democrats.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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