[VIDEO] Bannon Just Revealed Dems Very Real Hidden Fear About “Wuhan”

Maybe it is true when people say that money makes the world goes round.

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Fauci has been outed. His ‘’gain of function’’ has been criticized recently, and primary it was called out by Steve Hilton, Fox News’ host. However, Senator Rand Paul and Tucker Carlson have to make it stick so the people could notice it.

From then so on, Fauci was positioned on the back burner. Consequently, the coronavirus pandemic has come to an end.

Many questions have emerged from the sudden end, and people insist on their answers.

For example, we want to know what’s happening with the Wuhan lab which is the potential source of the virus.

What’s the path for switching the positions from point A to B?

I think that’s the crucial question, and everyone wants to know its answer.

Steve Bannon talks precisely about that. Also, he speaks about how the Dems are giving their best to protect Wuhan.

If you listen carefully, you will probably realize that the truth is dangerous.

According to Bannon, many people will end up behind bars if the truth is revealed.

What happened with the virus and Wuhan? We are full of doubts.

We passed over a Russian/ spy hoax situation, which made Watergate resembles a child’s play.

Who knows what are they hiding and what’s the BIG LIE?

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