[VIDEO] Aussie Psychiatrist Has A Heart-To-Heart With The World About Joe Biden’s Mental Decline

Joe Biden is sick

World leaders mock our “leader” on every occasion. No one believes that Biden is the right person to lead the United States. Handle the crisis with China and Russia? Biden can’t do that. He can’t even make a simple sentence.

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The senile “leader” was given a big role to play in this country. Well, being the President of the United States is a big bite and Biden can’t swallow it.

People in other countries are able to see the truth. They see things clearly. Sadly, they are well aware of Biden’s declining health.

America is supposed to be the free world. Well, it’s not free. We can’t be free as long as Biden sits in the Oval Office. A mentally sick person can’t lead a country.

Dementia Joe can’t take of this country. He can’t even take care of himself. Remember when he said, “wipe my b*tt”? Total disaster!

The worst part? Democrats ignore this. The mainstream media ignores this. They keep trying to tell the world that Biden is the best President in US history. Democrats are watching Biden make mistakes over and over again and they still say he is a good President. We are waiting for the next brain freeze…

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Liberal reporters go crazy about Donald Trump’s typos. They are pretty quiet about Biden’s mental problems. They ignore his late-stage dementia.

This makes things really bizarre.

Sky News consulted a psychiatrist and used his expertise to discuss Biden’s declining health.

Maybe you should pay attention to this.

Dr. Ahmed said Biden’s health has gotten really bad in the past year. According to him, Biden has the impression of “just holding on” and mentioned confabulation as a symptom of “early dementia.”

Confabulation is when a person with dementia fills gaps in memories with false ones. Remember when Biden said he drove 18-wheel trucks?

Maybe the mainstream media should pay attention to this. Our government should pay attention to Biden’s health. This is not China. This is not North Korea. That’s why we don’t trust the media.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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