[VIDEO] At The Height Of His Brothers Sex Scandal, Chis Cuomo Was In The Hamptons Dancing At A Night Club

Chris Cuomo – the worst sibling!

His brother Andrew is involved in a sex scandal, and Chris is attending parties in the Hamptons two weeks after his brother’s resignation.

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In the fifty-first year of his life, Chris is a husband and brother, but not a 22-year-old spring breaker!

See these moves!

The only thing that Chris can’t do is dance! He can’t even catch the rhythm.

Chris’s behavior is embarrassing for a man at his age, constantly preaching to the public that people have to remain at home and wear masks.

Twitter users commented on this:

“Chris Cuomo is 51 years old.”

“Dude’s on drugs no doubt”

“Middle aged Jersey Shore vibes. Oh bot, the fun Tucker is going to have with this.”

“Don’t quit your day job @ChrisCuomo. I mean you suck at that too, but dancing is totally out of the question.”

“So you’re saying it’s weird for a married 51 year old father of 3 to be out clubbing with 21 year olds?”

“Looks like an episode of Jersey Shore”

The Cuomo brothers are a shame!

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