[VIDEO] Arnold Shocks Americans When He Goes Full “COVID Communist” In Alarming Clip

Arnold Schwarzenegger is at it again

We all know someone who had COVID-19. A lot of people were diagnosed with the “deadly” virus. Some had it twice. Yes, it’s bad and nasty, making you feel exhausted all the time. Coronavirus kills your appetite and gives you fever. But, its death rate is pretty low.

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Well, we know that COVID exists. We know that a lot of people had it. But, there’s something off about it. It’s different than anything we have ever seen in the past decade. Some people deal with heart palpitations and numbness months after the initial diagnosis.

COVID-19 is real and we will have to live with it quite some time. Is it a biological weapon? Was it an effort to get rid of Donald Trump? Start off the “Great Reset”? There are so many scenarios out there.

Quarantine, double-masking, social distance, vaccines… They tried it all. It didn’t work. COVID-19 is still here and liberals are forcing people to get the jab. They forget one tiny detail. The COVID-19 vaccine is not approved by the FDA. It’s approved for emergency use… We all know what that means.

People get to decide what’s best for their bodies. They have the final word when it comes to immunization. Getting the jab is a must if you are old, obese, sick, or have weak immune response. Why would you get a jab if you have developed natural immunity? Why would you get an experimental vaccine if you are 100% healthy?

Let’s make things clear.

Type this into Google:

“Does getting the flu make your immune system stronger?”

Here’s the response:

“Getting the flu itself can provide much stronger immunity than any flu shot does.”

I guess this doesn’t apply to COVID-19.

Natural immunity works better than any vaccine.

We have witnessed a lot of “breakthrough” cases among vaccinated Americans. It seems like this jab is pretty inefficient. It does little to no good to your body. Moreover, it’s dangerous and can give you life-long consequences.

Liberals like to plant fear among Americans and force them to take the jab.

Arnold Schwarzenegger shocked everyone with his “COVID Commie” rant. He said, “scr*w your freedoms” to all the Americans who don’t want to get the vaccine.

Watch the video here:

We are shocked. And disgusted.

The scariest part about the pandemic is the horrible reaction some people have to it. We know COVID-19 exists, but it won’t kill you.

There’s a difference between dying “with” COVID and dying “from” the virus. Learn the difference and you will see things clearer than before. If a cancer patient dies of the deadly disease while having a cold, should we say they died from the cold? Of course not.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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