[VIDEO] Anthony Fauci Gets Fed To The Wolves By Trump Rally Crowd…Epic Moment

Dr. Fauci cannot get over this one!

Trump went into Ohio with a patriotic thunder. It was fantastic.

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I love seeing our President Trump on the stage again, hosting a rally! In a moment, I felt like he has never left…

The crowd was huge!

Maybe Trump isn’t President anymore. Also, he isn’t an elected official of anything, but he can still collect this huge crowd.

However, besides the fact that numerous people love America, some hate it.

Dr. Fauci is part of those who hate it. With his propaganda about the pandemic, he is the contributor to the damage of America.

If you are asking, Marjorie is getting the crowd fired up.


Everyone needs to know that Dr. Fauci is America’s enemy number one! And you need to insist that everyone who deserves it has to be canceled and fired from their job!

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