[VIDEO] Another Dem Busted Doing One Of Those Shameless “Fake Accents”….Hillary Must Be Proud

Hillary is giving lessons! ‘’Find out which hot sauce goes best with your fake accent.’’

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Terry McAuliffe is a shameless and phony politician. He was in Syracuse, New York, and he spent his life in the DC swamp. Now he’s running for governor in Virginia, meeting with country folk, speaking like a country bumpkin, to be a part of the community. He’s a jerk.

It isn’t surprising because of his fake bbq video. Do you remember the 4th of July video?

Below you can see a regular Terry flipping burger on a BBQ with his beer and wears a US flag shirt.

He’s back. But, this time, he has a cue from his friend Hillary, and he’s using a fake accent. He is trying to sound like Boss Hogg.

Take a look at the video below:

Read the online comments:

“why do you suddenly have a southern twang? is everything you do, including your BBQs, fake?”

“What the heck is with the accent? LOL”

“You are so nauseatingly fake. Provid’n? Went up that thing like a squirrel? Gunna go huntn tomorry morn? Did Hillary teach you how to be a pandering fraud, or does it just come naturally to you?”


“Maybe they can help you get that grill started.”

“Wow, that “these folks are providin’ all the electricity” in the first 10 seconds is absolutely absurd. Picked it up in the DC suburbs?”

Our politicians serve to make jokes. There was good in the 90s, not today on social media.

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