[VIDEO] Americans Want To Know Who’s The Secret “WE” Biden Just Accidentally Mentioned In This Clip

Take this man to a nursing home

Joe Biden on a bike?

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What happened to our “dear” President? Take this man to a nursing home before he hurts himself.

Handlers didn’t do their job properly this time. Why was this man dressed like Lance Armstrong? To get a million dollar photo? No, Biden is no longer young and athletic. He is an old creep who turned this country into a mess.

Jill didn’t do her job either. She was supposed to take care of Biden. She is his “doctor”, right? Biden was also riding the wrong thing. An adult tricycle is a much better fit in this case. Biden would definitely look good on one of those.

Reporters followed Biden and asked him a lot of questions. One of them wanted to know more about Xi and the Chinese tariffs Donald Trump took care of.

Reporter: How soon are you talking to Xi?

Joe: I ain’t telling you

Reporter: Have you made up your mind on China tariffs, Sir?

Joe: Um, we are in the process of doing that

Reporter: You’re lifting the tariffs?

Joe: Um, we’re in the process of making up MY mind

Watch the video below:

What’s wrong with this guy?

Here’s what people said:

“Who are the “WE” that are “in the process” of making up Joe Biden’s mind for him??? Maybe Xi??”

“We are in the process of making up my mind.” #NotMyPresident

“Who is we?”

“Joe Biden is weak and needs to be removed as President / Mentally unstable Joe Biden needs to be investigated in November asap !”

“just who is the we, that are making up his mind for him? We deserve to know the answer. Only thing saving him is Harris is so much Worse, didn’t know that was even possible. VERY SCARY THINGS GOING ON!!”

“Who are the people that the POTUS refers to as “we,””

“This whole bike ride was a disaster  LOL” 

“We know, its NOT you running the country Joe.”

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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